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Text, Texture and Textiles with Anne Walker

Text, Texture and Textiles with Anne Walker.

Collage: A Dynamic medium of Text, Texture and Textile by Anne Walker
Collage is an exciting medium that provides a dynamic process for personal expression. Collage is primarily a creative process of putting images, textures, and materials together with a sense of adventure. We will explore using a vast array of materials from everyday articles, papers and textiles to give a unique image of snapshot of your inner voice. The materials you select will set a tone for your creativity. Can you think of a subject you would like to explore? Sports, Trips, words, events, themes??
August 2,3,4, 2017
Time: 9-330 for 3 days
Cost:$100 total for 3 days
Please pack a lunch or plan to eat a nearby restaurant.

Day One: Overview of the Collage process. Basic composition, color and selection of materials. Day Cheese cloth, molding paste and tar gel on Canvas
Day Two: Text, and Themes. Using a variety of papers in themes, pictorial, and art materials and stencils
Day Three: Paper meet fabric, meet texture: Putting it all together to create a personal artwork.
** must bring. Everything else but the kitchen sink is up to you! Think topics and start collecting! Here is a small list of things you can think of bringing.
Suggested Paints and materials but not required. Bring the art supplies you have and use.
Acrylic or water color paint and paint brushes. (1” and 2” cheap brushes from hardware store for gluing), Gesso. Tar Gel.
Colored pencils, aqueous crayons, watercolor pencils, gel pencils, elegant writers (India ink), Inketense by Derwent, **gel pens
** Full sheet of Water color paper, **canvas minimum 11x14 and **illustration board (at least one of each)
**One of the following: thick Gel medium, or Modge Podge or Elmer’s glue
Corrugated cardboard, rice paper, tissue paper, newspapers, magazines, books, old patterns, wall paper, old letters, notes, old painting, drawings, maps, ads, brochures, programs, pictures, sand paper, printed card specialty papers, vellum or transparent paper or lightweight papers from computer, ribbon, doilies,Stencils, brayer, stamps, ink pads
Feathers, leaves, coins, raffia, glitter, yarn, beads,
Textiles: **Cheese cloth (be sure and bring)
Burlap, other textiles (I like ones with texture), lace, fusion material
Small sketching pad, Pencil, eraser, palette paper
Value finder and color palette or plates, small disposable cups
Old shirts or towels to be green for cleaning
Optional apron
Hair Dryer
I will bring molding paste. Colored pencils, aqueous crayons